New Conflicts Campaign (v1.3):

New Conflicts 1.3

Patch (1.3):

The third patch fixes the CTD problem in Mission 16. It also makes Mission 15 a little bit easier.
It contains the entire second patch which addresses the issue with Captain Jageda in Mission 15.He should now be correctly assigned to the Arkanoid. It also fixes the bonus/flashback mission which was ending prematurely as soon as any one ship had been destroyed.


Patch (1.1):

This is the "Patch" for all 1.0 players. It adds the missing model and the texture files. Jut extract the file in your Nexus folder, that's it.

Patch 1.1

Silenced fighters:

This is for all the people (like me) who can't stand the constant radio chatter that starts when fighters are launched.
Just replace the original files in the "nexus\sound\communication\" folder with the new ones.

Silenced Fighters


Essential for New Conflicts since you need to unpack the nexus_00.dat file in order to play it.